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Mobility Matters to your consumers - Are you ready to move on this opportunity?

Consumers of all ages are seeking nutrition solutions to proactively manage their mobility long term.

If you're interested in new opportunities for incremental growth in the healthy ageing space - this webcast is a must-watch!

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Nutiani is the new wellbeing nutrition solutions brand brought to you by Fonterra - the worlds largest dairy exporter

This webcast will dive into:

What does Mobility ACTUALLY mean to consumers and what claims and features should you address?

The latest insights into WHY mobility is increasingly important to consumers of all ages.

Where the trends and opportunties are for F&B brands to drive growth and product development.

How diet and dairy nutrition is critical for mobility success long term.

Featured speakers:

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Chris Ireland

Senior Manager Business Development, Active Living, Fonterra

Chris joined Fonterra in 2014 and is currently the Senior Manager of Business Development for the Active Living Portfolio based in Chicago. He holds a Masters of Dairy Science and an honors degree in Chemical and Process Engineering from the University of Canterbury. This combination of technical expertise and commercial passion enables him to support customers to translate business needs to reality.

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Jen Martin

Strategic Business Development Manager, Fonterra

Jen is a strategic business development specialist with over 13 years in the Nutrition and Wellness industry. Alongside her Bachelor of Science from California State University, she has a Degree in Natural Nutrition and Holistic Health from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. As both a registered holistic nutritionist and experienced strategist Jen is skilled in combining insights and science to inform upcoming consumer trends that fuel innovation pipelines and grow business opportunities.

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Ine Koot

Senior Technical Engagement Manager, Medical Nutrition and Healthy Ageing, Fonterra

Ine has spent 10 years in the nutrition industry at some of the world’s largest companies including DuPont, Danone and Fonterra. Alongside her Masters of Science from Wageningen University, she has in-depth experience in designing high protein, nutritionally dense liquid formulations and protein ingredient innovations. She is passionate about technical product excellence and creating innovative nutritional solutions that contribute to the long term health of people and patients.

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Jacqueline van Schaik

Global Lead Nutritionist, Fonterra

Jacqueline brings over 19 years’ experience in the global food and beverage industry along with a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and a minor in Marketing and Consumer Science from Wageningen University. Currently she is responsible for providing nutritional knowledge and oversight, as well as supporting the research and development of innovative nutritional solutions that meet consumer needs in the health, wellbeing, and medical space at Fonterra.