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Wondering how to drive innovation on the protein shelf and improve brand loyalty beyond price point?

The sports nutrition category shows signs of being stable but stagnant. Recent instances of high-profile athletes prioritizing their mental wellbeing has sparked a global discussion that in order to perform our best physically, we must also take care of ourselves mentally. With 65% of global consumers believing that mental health impacts their physical health1, active consumers are seeking products that enable them to perform physically at their best as well as focused and mentally resilient under stress.

This indicates a need for innovation in the sports nutrition category by exploring new ingredient combinations such as Protein and Phospholipids to promote both brain and body benefits that will drive differentiation and growth in this increasingly competitive protein space, as well as improve brand loyalty beyond price point.

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1 - IPSOS Nutiani, Consumer Wellness Research (August 2021).

This 30 minute webinar will cover:

The Latest Insights into Athlete Motivations & Active Consumer Preferences

Understanding how addressing mental wellbeing claims in performance nutrition can drive growth

How Protein and Phospholipids is the next ingredient combination for performance nutrition

The Fonterra Athlete Incubator Project & Nutiani Consumer Segmentation Research

Featured speaker:

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Odile Conan

Technical Innovation Manager, Fonterra Europe

Odile has been in the food industry for more than 25 years, holding different roles in various major dairy ingredient companies. She has a strong background and expertise in B2B marketing, product innovation, and in-depth knowledge of the application of protein ingredients. Odile joined the team at Fonterra Europe in 2018 holding various roles in marketing and technical innovation since then. She is currently the Technical Innovation Manager for Fonterra Europe.